The Real You

Listen to the passion of your soul, set the wings of your spirit free; and let not a single song go unsung. – Sylvana Rossetti

Throughout my journey of helping women, I have found that the majority of women are so caught up in their busy lives they’ve forgotten who they truly, authentically are.  We as women are so identified with our roles and responsibilities… as mothers, wives, caretakers, career women, etc.  In living all these different roles, we can easily lose track of ourselves and oftentimes, forget who we are beyond the roles themselves.  If you think about it, most of us  even change our name when we get married, and in an instant our identity is changed in some form.  No wonder we lose our sense of self sometimes!  It can be quite confusing at times for sure.

So, stop… take a deep breath, think back, and ask yourself these simple questions –  Do you remember who you wanted to be? What you dreampt of becoming one day?  Are you that person? Are you living that dream? Remember what’s most important in your life… hold on to those long lost hopes and dreams.  Discover or rediscover your authentic identity and reclaim the woman you are in your soul, behind all the roles. That doesn’t mean giving up your roles and responsibilities – it  means reclaiming what is deep within you and embracing the meaning of your life – not  simply the meaning of life.

What makes your soul shine?  The time to answer that question is NOW!  You’re SO here… it’s time to live life to the ultimate! What are you waiting for?


This is Not the Life I Ordered

There are two ways of meeting dificulties: you alter the difficulties or you alter yourself meeting them. – Phyllis Bottome, English writer

“This is Not the Life I Ordered”, is a wonderful book that began with four friends getting together for “kitchen table coaching sessions” to share the struggles that they were faced with on a daily basis. These women have been true “Heroes in Heels” to each other and other women as they helped one another nagivate through all the issues and challenges they each faced (which include one of them being shot and left for dead on a tarmac in South American, and two that lived through the death of their spouses). You will enjoy wonderful stories, quotes, wisdom, and practical advice.

These four ordinary women have faced extraordinary life challenges with grace and love. Because of their connection, love, and understanding – they helped one another thrive, rather than simply survive. I think as women, each of us has been at a place in our lives where we thought to ourselves, “THIS IS NOT THE LIFE I ORDERED!”

This book truly does give you what it promises: “50 Ways to keep your head above water when life keeps dragging you down.” What a great book to share with all the women in your life!

Love Me Knots



“A union of spirits, an offering of love, a bond of infinite value and enduring ties,  lifting two souls to the sacred meeting place between heaven and earth” – Carrie Flintom, Pam Rundquist

A knot is a compact interlacing which ties and bonds two strands of materials together.  A knot can weave two single threads together into something so strong that nothing can ever break its strength.  To tie a simple knot is an uncomplicated process to learn, yet it is crucial in holding together even the most priceless and extraordinary things.  There are countless types of knots, but they are always used to tie or hold something together in a unifying bond. 

Now take that idea of a knot and all it’s purpose, and turn it into a  Love Knot.”  A Love Knot is an act of love and caring directed at another human being. By freely giving Love Knots to another person, we literally fold our spiritual arms around them through our words and deeds.  With every small knot we tie, we strengthen the bonds of kinship. The more knots we tie, the stronger the connection.  The process is eternally ongoing. 

As you go through your day, think of giving “Love knots” to tie together the bonds of those around you. The opportunties to tie “love knots” are everywhere! Trust that with each knot you tie, you are strengthening the connection to another person as well as yourself.

Here are just a few suggestions to get you started!

– Give a compliment
– Smile at a stranger
– Tip 5% more than normal
– Say “I’m sorry”
– Share your talents
– Be a good listener
– Call an old friend
– Say I love you to someone new
– Give a co-worker a fun little “something” anonymously
– Let someone cut in front of you on the road


Turn your should into a must!


“Every day I meet people who have so much to give but have been bullied enough or frightened enough to hold it back. It’s time to stop complying with the system and draw your own map. You have brilliance in you, your contribution is essential, and the art you create is precious. Only you can do it, and you must.”-  Seth Godin

I spent so many years “waiting” to live my dream due to the beliefs that I wasn’t ready, or I didn’t know enough, or was simply just held back from fear of failure.  How many of us waste so many years not living our dreams because of all the talk in our head telling us why we can’t or shouldn’t do it. Most of us tend to be driven by our fears, rather than the joy of success.  The fact is that we all have brilliance in us and are not living our authentic truth if we are not sharing these gifts with the universe.  We need to change what we “should” do, to what we “must” do!  Tony Robbins explains so perfectly why we so often don’t achieve what we are capable of.  He says, “We should all over ourselves!”.  What has been a” should” for you that you need to make a “must”!  You already know, so do one thing today to move yourself forward in making your dreams come true.

Go ahead…spread your wings!

Go ahead… spread your wings!

“It’s not who you are that holds you back; it’s who you think you’re not.” – Barbara Walters

Many of us hold ourselves back from embracing our purpose by not living true to, and not trusting our unique and God-given talents and gifts.  How many of us have let someone talk us out of pursuing something we are good at?  How many of us get deterred by our own doubts about ourselves? No one wins if we underestimate our capabilities and talents.  Our contribution to this world and everyone in it is in direct proportion to our belief that we have something of value to offer.   Make a conscious decision to move forward in life every day with conviction and courage instead of second-guessing or not trusting yourself.  The world needs you to step into your own greatness.  We are all meant to spread our wings and fly! So go for it!

Change your story, change your life!

We all have a story… our repeated account of what went wrong in our life, who hurt us, or why we can’t achieve our dreams. What’s important to realize, and to fully understand, is that when we get caught up in our story, we give up the power to create the lives we truly want and deserve to have.  Our story is just that… a story that we keep telling ourselves over and over of all the reasons why we can’t have something or become who we want to become. 

But here’s the bottom line…  Change your story, and you begin to change your life!  It all begins by telling a new story of your true desire, and then add to it all the wonderful details of the positive aspects that you can find that align with those desires, you will begin to feel not only better, but you will begin to feel your life improve. 

Just remember… The better my story gets, the better my life gets!

Anthony Robbins: Awaken the Giant Within

Happy New Year, again, to you all!  It’s time for the first book recommendation of 2010 – a true classic.

The unofficial “father” of the life coaching industry, Tony Robbins has long been a household name.  And in my opinion, rightfully so.  His book Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny! has been acclaimed by many respected leaders as “must read” material.  Written in 1992, the book examines a large range of topics including goal-setting, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), relationships, and personal finance.  To this day, many people credit Robbins and this book in particular for their financial and personal success.  Awaken the Giant Within is a practical, easy-to-read, life-changing book, which enables all of us to grasp the tools to release our full potential and awaken the giant in us all.