The Hero Within

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As women in San Diego, we come from all walks of life, backgrounds and perspectives. As working professionals, moms, wives, neighbors, church members, and friends, we have more demands and responsibilities on us as women than ever before in history. Whether you’re a woman who is trying to balance everyday demands in five-inch stilettos or racing around town in worn-out athletic shoes, many of us squander way-too-much time feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, restless, confused, and feeling guilty for what we’re NOT doing!

Imagine if you were to  wake up every morning fully alive, with gratitude in your heart, inspired and excited to get on with your intention for the day. Imagine how it would feel to place your head on the pillow every night completely fulfilled, celebrating a sense of purpose and passion. Life’s purpose and meaning can be found everywhere we encounter relationships. Seemingly unimportant encounters can become extremely powerful when we approach these “small moments” with a new, insightful purpose. These are the moments when the ordinary life becomes extraordinary. These are the moments we can become heroes.


Find an opportunity today to create a golden moment with another woman as you go about your day; a compliment to a co-worker, a sincere smile, a call to an old friend, a call to your mom, say a silent prayer for someone who is struggling, anything that offers a gift of love from your heart. Not because it’s on your to do list, but because you want to share the gift of your heart. Here you will begin to learn the difference between searching for the meaning of life, and creating it for yourself. Remember, for a better tomorrow, take action today!

Life Purpose

We all come to a point in our lives when we realize that we were put on this earth for a purpose, with a specific gift, to make a difference in this world. Most people spend their adult lives wandering through their days without aligning themselves with that purpose. This is the journey and path to finding true happiness and fulfillment in our lives. Once we begin to live in harmony with ourselves and in sharing our God given gifts, we begin to see life in a completely different perspective. What are your gifts? If you have not yet gone down that path of exploration, it is time!

Creating Meaning in our Lives

We are constantly creating our lives. Every single day we create our life by what we give our attention to. If we focus on all the elements wrong in our life, that’s what our world will feel like. If we choose to focus on all the things that are good, and right in our life, then our world will look and feel wonderful and blessed and you will create more of that. Begin a new habit today of creating how you want your day to go, and focus on all the things you have to be grateful for, and watch what unfolds before you.