About the Book

“Feel like you’re running on empty as you race to fulfill everyone’s needs but your own? Heroes in Heels offers a 30-day plan to become more joyful an dfulfilled. Stop searching for the meaning of life and start creating it for yourself. This book will show you how.”
– M.J. Ryan, best-selling author of This Year I Will…

“Are you living YOUR life? If not, it’s time you did. Heroes in Heels is an extraordinary book that will inspire you during a 30-day journey to uncover your essential, true self. This beautifully written, intelligent book will help women break the patterns of inauthentic living and empower them to support each other in a whole new way.”
– Ann Ronan, Ph.D., founder of the Authentic Life Institute, and Creator of the Power Your Passions and Prosper Program

Heroes in Heels is big on inspiration and huge on practical ways to make your life EXACTLY what you want it to be. THE book you must read to make sure this year your life REALLY changes.”
– Tami Walsh, M.A., President, TeenWisdom.com

“Within a few minutes of reading “Heroes in Heels,” I was instantly inspired and motivated to touch another woman’s life. “With every encounter, we are given the chance to touch an individual life and, in doing so, nourish our own spirit, awaken our highest self and make our mark in this world.” This was the exact moment that encouraged me to do the thing I never thought I would ever do: make initial contact with my stepdaughter’s mother.

It was one of the most courageous step I took outside of my comfort zone, in making myself vulnerable and possibly rejected. My only consolation was the fact that I would have my answer and from there I knew that I tried. I started by writing her an imaginary email. That email was sent by a brave push of the “send” key and I waited biting my nails.

Patience is definitely a virtue, as a whole afternoon passed when I recieved her response. Her response to my email, she said touched her and made her cry. She was caught off guard and realized how much her daughter was loved by her “other mom.” From there, we connected through more emails, then texting, then finally in person. We’ve hung out twice already, and we continue to build a cordial and friendly relationship.

It was Heroes in Heels that gave me the push to “touch an individual life,” but I think that I touched more than one. I touched my stepdaughter’s life as well. She sees that there’s communication between both homes and her “two moms” can talk. It’s good for her, to learn that we are not enemies, but her family in different homes.

Thank you Carrie for such inspiring words. I really don’t think I would have done it without reading your book. It changed our lives!”


About Carrie’s speaking events

“I just wanted to say “thank you” for the delightful talk you gave at our BLO luncheon today, which many of our members called the best program ever. I have had so many positive comments that I can’t even begin to count them! We were all inspired and our spirits were renewed and revived.”
– Sheri Benton 

“This was the best evening I’ve experienced and by far, you’re the best speaker we have had at our meeting. You were knowledgeable and organized in the presentation, but so warm and genuine in the delivery of your message it made all the difference. Your program has something for everyone and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to hear you and meet you. I always felt I had some of the tools you describe in SMART but was blown-away by what I’ve been missing; by how you described it and how you actually do it! I came away with “I get it” So many other motivational programs I’ve heard or purchased don’t really describe what they do themselves, just what we should do. I’ve gone home with tapes and journals and said the next day “huh?” You stand apart in every aspect of what you do.”
-Patt Davis

“I have been going to the Wow meetings for about two years now. Of all the speakers we have had, you were by far the best. I have had the same thoughts that you talked about and felt. Thank you for putting it a book so I can really have the 5 step SMART plan in front of me. The way your book is laid out is just great. Can’t wait to start reading it.
I wish more women knew about how they can change the way they think and feel. Now you have to write one for men so we can all change together.”
-Karen Ellinwood

“I have heard a lot of speakers and can say that you are the best and the
most inspiring one that I have ever heard. You sure are amazing. Thank you so much.”

”We had a fantastic time and several comments about our great program – YOU!
I think you talked directly to many of our members and they got your message.”
– Shirley Parish


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